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Student Photos

This page shows some photos of my amazing students with their guitars, certificates, endless enthusiasm and smiles!!!

Student - Carl
Ben passes his
ACM Entry Exam
Student - Carl
Carl passes his Grade 2 with
Distintion and 94%
Student - James
James sounds Great
Student - Emily
Emily will be a great Song Writer
Student - Tim
Tim is perfecting his Timing
Student - Dan
Dan gets Another Distinction
Grade 3
Student - Josh
Josh Gets a well deserved Distinction
Student - Paul
Paul gets his Grade 2 Acoustic Distinction
Student - Zak
Zak gets a very well deserved Distinction
Student - Josh
Another great result for Josh
Student - Paul
Paul Passes with Distinction
Student - James
James enjoying Metallica
Student - Josh
Josh with his amazing new guitar
Student - Adam
Adam will be Awesome
Student - Jordan
Jordan with new beautiful classical
Student - Dan
Dan studying for his grade 3
Student - Kevin and Mark
Kevin and Mark - Team Performance!
Student - Ross
Ross is going to Rock
Student - Justin
Justin will be Excellent
Student - Josh
Josh is learning Fast
Student - Ciaran
Ciaran is learning very fast
Student - Findlay
Findlay Fast Fingers!!
Student - Peter
Peter gets his Grade 5 with Distinction
Student - Joss
Joss is going to be great
Student - Josh
Josh gets another Distinction
Student - Zak
Zak with his amazing New Guitar
Camgridge Guitar Weekend 2009
Cambridge Guitar Weekend 2009
Simon with Ade and Barbara from 
Tonezone Music Cirencester
Simon with Ade and Barbara from
Tonezone Music Cirencester
Student - Josh
Josh gets a well deserved Distinction
Student - Alan
Alan with his fab New Guitar
Student - Mike
Mike mastering the Guitar
Student - Shaun
Shaun will be a Super Player
Student - James
James Just Starting to
Learn Guitar
Student - Zak
Connor looking very cool
Student - Zak
Theo having lots of fun
Student - Zak
Simon finds the perfect Flying V
at the London Music Show
Student - Hannah
Hannah passes her Grade 2
with flying colours!
Laurence Crook playing acoustic guitar
Acoustic Guitar Student Laurence Crook now studying for his RGT Grade 2 exam
Student - Laurence
Laurence with Bernie Marsden
(Whitesnake) and new PRS
Student - Zak
Paul with his marvellous new Martin
Student - Carl
Carl successfully passed
his Grade 1
Student - Zak
Zak with his new guitar
Student - Zak
Anthony starting on his
guitar learning path
Student - Zak
Jordan starting to learn Guitar
Student - Aidan
Aidan will be a great player
Student - Gordon
Gordon is a great Guitarist
Student - Lucy
Lucy Loves Learning Guitar
Student - Paul
Paul is Playing Perfectly
Hannah has a new super cool Guitar
Hanna's Guitar
Close up of Hannah's beautiful new guitar
Student - Peter
Peter Playing the Blues
electric guitar student Bex
Electric Guitar Ace - Bex
Learning Coldplay, Incubus,
Oasis, etc, etc
picture of Josh
Josh wants to be as
good as Jimi
Student - Peter
Peter is working hard
at Grade 4
Student - Tom
Tom working towards his Academy of Music
entrance exam
Student - Matt
Matt Mastering the Modes
Student - Gabby
The talented young Gabby,
learning to read music and
play lots of cool tunes
Student - Amy
Ace Guitarist Amy
learning Covers and
to Read Music
student - Julia
Julia jammin with Confidence
student - Leigh
Left handed Leigh Makes it look so Easy

Bryan Blazing the Blues

Playing Guitar is so Cool
picture of Alf
Alf learning the Blues
Student - Dave
Dave Mastering some Serious Theory
Student - David
David picking it up fast

Matt mastering the Fretboard
Student - Luke
Luke receiving a
"Distinction" for his first
electric guitar exam
Student - Ian
Ian tearing up
the blues across
the whole fretboard

Ian gets to grips with music theory

Jim just having Fun

Simon shreds Smoothly

Connor is a fast Learner

Carl's a cool guitarist

7 yr old Connor and his Dad Steve

Ginny is a Great Guitarist

Blues Solos to match my Guitar

Laurence plays fabulous Guitar

Annette is studying the new
RGT Acoustic exams

Anthony - A Talented Organ Player
now tackling Guitar

Hannah has a real natural talent

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